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The Johnson City Street Division is dedicated to providing a safe, cost-effective roadway system that improves the quality of life for residents and visitors. The Street Division provides the following services for the city:

  • Pavement Maintenance provides safe and smooth streets and alleys for those living in or traveling through Johnson City. The staff perform pavement inspections and are involved in the repair of pavement failures and potholes as well as grading, patching, and constructing speed bumps.
  • Right-of-Way Maintenance seeks to ensure an attractive, clean, and safe public environment. The primary activities include mowing, trimming, vegetation maintenance, street sweeping, and snow and ice removal.
  • Urban Forestry Program removes and protects public trees through a comprehensive management program. Urban Forestry Program activities include tree pruning, hazardous tree removal, new tree planting, and the maintenance of landscaped areas at 72 sites across the city.
  • Yard Waste Diversion schedules yard waste collection and disposal for residents of the city. Staff collect residential brush, limbs, and logs placed at roadside as well as fallen leaves that have been raked to the curbside.
  • Construction and Maintenance maintains and improves roadway, walkway, and drainage systems in the city by constructing and maintaining storm drain pipes, catch basins, and ditches, as well as sidewalks and curbs.

The Street Division maintains 742.8 lane miles of city streets, 153 lane miles of state highway, and 176 miles of city sidewalks.