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Q: How do I schedule an inspection for my project?
Q: How do I apply for a construction permit?
Q: When is a drawing / site drawing required to apply for a construction permit?
Q:  Who can purchase a construction permit?
Q:  How much does a permit for construction cost?
Q:  What are the required setbacks for my property?
Q:  What are the design criteria for Johnson City?
Q:  Does Johnson City have any Communication Tower permit regulations or criteria?
Q: What are the requirements to be a contractor or sub-contractor?
Q:  Why do I need a contractor?  Why can't I do my own work?   
Q:  When do I need an Architect or Engineer?
Q:  What are the most common reasons for residential inspections to fail?

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How do I access the Portal?
I don't see my permits or applications, what do I do?
I don't see my permit fees due on my permit, what do I do?
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