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A charter is a grant from the state that brings a city into existence and defines its governmental structure and powers. 


A code of ordinances is a compilation (codification) of all general and continuing city ordinances and penal ordinances. The University of Tennessee's Municipal Technical Advisory Service maintains the City of Johnson City's code of ordinances.

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CITY CODE ORDINANCES - Passed but not currently on MTAS site5 documents

  • ORD 4769-21 115 Swanee Dr Rezoning
    document _recordid 1359
  • ORD 4767-21
    document _recordid 1353
  • ORD 4765-20 Amend Title 8 Chapter 4
    document _recordid 1349
  • ORD 4755-20 Amend Title 8 Chapter 2
    document _recordid 1347
  • ORD 4758-20 Adoption of the 2018 ICC Codes
    document _recordid 1346