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The City of Johnson City enforces City Codes and Ordinances under the direction of the Chief Building Official. Good Code Enforcement can improve the quality of our neighborhoods, protect property values and the environment, and keep Johnson City a safe and desirable community.

Code Enforcement is responsible for eliminating violations that impact the health, welfare and safety of all property in Johnson City, TN such as:

  • Abandoned property
  • Inoperative motor vehicles
  • Overgrown lots
  • Signage
  • Street/sidewalk obstruction
  • Substandard housing
  • Unsafe or dilapidated buildings
  • Unsanitary conditions/junk/litter

Code Enforcement also provides information, answers questions, and initiates corrective measures relating to code violations. Additionally, Code Enforcement responds to complaint calls with appropriate follow-up actions that lead to code compliance.   Click to access our codes and charter.

Code Enforcement Complaint Line (423) 434-5775 to enable residents and other community members to report complaints pertaining to Johnson City properties which appear to be in violation of Johnson City Code.

Board of Dwelling Standards and Review

The Board of Dwelling Standards and Review determines whether dwellings are fit for human habitation and requires specific remedial measures necessary for dwellings designated as unfit. This board meets on the fourth Thursday of each month starting at 6 p.m. except for November and December. There will be no meetings in the months of November and December unless a special called meeting is requested by the Board. These meetings are held at 601 E. Main St. - Municipal & Safety Building. For questions regarding this committee, please contact Nicole Lawrence at (423) 434-6071, or email at To view a roster of current board members, click here.