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Budget Process

The City’s fiscal year begins July 1 and ends June 30. The budget process for the City of Johnson City begins in October with the preparation of the five-year Capital Improvement Plan. Departmental budgets are prepared from January through mid-February, followed by work sessions with the city manager, the assistant city managers and the budget director.

As mandated by the City Charter, the draft budget is to be provided to the Board of Commissioners on or before the first Tuesday of May and must be published in the local newspaper no less than three days prior. The Board of Commissioners then participate in an extensive review of the City's budget and must approve a balanced budget on three readings on or before June 30 of the current fiscal year.

Capital Improvement Plan

The Capital Improvement Plan(CIP) is a five-year plan, which identifies capital projects and equipment purchases. The CIP also provides a planning schedule and identifies financing options for the projects and purchases outlined therein.