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City of Johnson City ends SAFER AT HOME ORDER



The local and state Safer At Home Orders expired on April 30, 2020 but the City of Johnson City is following the guidance offered by Governor Bill Lee and his advisers to determine when various businesses, places of worship and recreation areas may reopen.

The Tennessee General Assembly has granted Gov. Lee the exclusive responsibility and authority to assume control over all aspects of the State's response to an emergency such as the COVID-19 pandemic. His directives in response to this emergency supersede and preempt any action taken by municipalities in the State.

Gov. Lee, the Unified Command Group (UCG) and Tennessee’s Economic Recovery Group (ERG) with input from health experts, state and local partners and business and industry leaders have created a reopening plan called the “Tennessee Pledge.” Announced on Friday, April 24, 2020 the plan is designed to help Tennesseans return to work in a safe environment, restore their livelihoods and reboot the state’s economy. It includes specific recommendations that enable most businesses to reopen responsibly without the burden of heavy mandates.

The Tennessee Pledge asks businesses to provide safe working conditions that protect both employees and consumers, while securing their livelihoods. This plan also asks employees to commit to protecting themselves, their co-workers and the customers they serve. It also encourages Tennessee resident to act responsibly by following recommended guidelines for social distancing, hygiene and wearing protective equipment when appropriate.

To learn more about the "Tennessee Pledge" or find guidelines for businesses and specific industries can be found here.

All of the executive orders issued by Gov. Bill Lee related to COVID-19 can be found here.

 Businesses are encouraged to visit for information. The City also has established a Safer at Home "hotline" email for questions:

For more information, please visit


What is a Safer at Home Order?
What are "Essential Activities?"
What are "Essential Businesses?"
How long is this in place?
Who can address questions not answered here?
Do I need a letter or voucher to travel on city streets and highways?
Why is this happening now?
Can we go outside?
Are City parks open?
Can non-essential businesses continue operation?
I saw a store open that is not on the Essential Business list. What should I do?
Can I pick up meals or school work from my child's school?
Can I go to the bank?
If I operate a business that is allowed to remain open, do I have to ensure customers are properly socially distanced?
My restaurant's dining room is closed but customers often get their takeout and gather in the parking lot to eat. Is that OK?
What measures are in place to help those who have lost their jobs or closed their businesses due to these mandates?
What about churches or places of worship?
Can I go to a friend's house for dinner?
Are funerals and weddings allowed at this time?
How are City Services affected by this?
Is Johnson City Transit still operating?
Can I use ride share, on demand service, or a taxi?
Are non-profit organizations allowed to continue operating?
How are you enforcing this? What will happen if a business or individual is found out of compliance?
I need child care to continue working. What do I do?
Will the City still pick up my garbage?
Can I walk my dog?