The Fire Prevention division conducts Fire Code inspections and reviews plans for the new construction of commercial structures, fire protection systems, water supplies and fire department access sites. The division also conducts inspections of existing commercial buildings and all state owned, leased and licensed facilities. Home inspections are conducted by request.

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The City of Johnson City, under City Ordinance Number 4509-13, has adopted the 2012 Edition of the International Fire Code (IFC) and its referenced NFPA Codes. There are also adopted Amendments to the IFC.


The Fire Prevention division investigates all fires set by juveniles, set unintentionally or started from an undetermined cause. The division’s Juvenile Firesetter Intervention Program educates juveniles on the dangers of setting fires in an attempt to assist families and the court system with a growing problem with fires set by juveniles.


Until further notice, the Johnson City Fire Department will not be issuing open burn permits within the city limits. Burning of brush and building materials is prohibited. Violations of this restriction on open burning are cause for fines and/or possible legal action. For further information, contact the Johnson City Fire Department at 423-975-2840.