Americans with
Disabilities Act

Americans With Disabilities Act

Americans with Disabilities Act

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The City of Johnson City has developed a tool for community members to help improve ADA accessibility throughout the City.

The ADA Accessibility Reporting App presents one or more maps that can be used to identify locations where accessibility issues may exist and report a problem or observation. Users of the app can remain anonymous to submit new reports and review existing reports. Users may also use their social media or ArcGIS Online credentials to track the status of problems or observations they have reported.

The app is optimized for use on smartphones but is responsively designed to be used on tablets and desktop computers.

Once users are in the app they can select a category on the right side of the page and click on the green “Submit Report” bar at the bottom. Users are required to select an address by typing in a location or selecting a location on the map. Users should describe the issue in the comments area. Selecting the “Report It” button will send the report to the City of Johnson City.