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Mobile Food Vendor Permit & Policy

Mobile Food Vendor Permit & Policy

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City of Johnson City
Mobile food vendor Permit & Policy and Food Truck Guide

What is a “Food Truck”?

  • A mobile vehicle or trailer used to sell or prepare food for sale to the public.
  • Once a food truck connects to a public utility, is placed onto a foundation or otherwise loses its mobility, it becomes subject to building and zoning codes.

Where can I put my food truck?

  • On private, non-residential property with owner’s consent. May trigger additional requirements.
  • Food truck locations are temporary, and only include the truck and trash receptacle(s). Once additional items are added, (I.E. picnic tables, tents, smokers, outdoor games, etc.) it becomes a “temporary land use”, and requires a “zoning permit” good for 90 days/ renewable for a total of 180 days. After 180 days the use becomes “permanent” and is subject to zoning and building needs (I.E. permanent restrooms, parking, etc.).  Zoning permit review time varies based on the quality and quantity of info provided with the application.
  • On public property only with special event permit approval.
  • Do not block site access (emergency, trash, etc.)
  • Do not park within the “sight triangle” at roadway intersections (Zoning Code 4.11)
  • Keep trucks sensibly distanced from driveways, sidewalks, utility boxes, ramps, building entrance/exits, fire hydrants, and Fire Department Connections.

Who needs to know about my food truck?

What else do I need to know?

  • City trash receptacles shall not be the primary method of disposal for trash or waste related to a food truck.
  • Fats Oils and Greases produced by a food truck shall not be disposed into the ground, storm drains, the sanitary sewer system, or public streets. Operators must have a plan for proper disposal (see City FOG policy)
  • Permanent connections of utilities to food trucks must be completed by licensed contractors and shall be permitted and inspected by the City of Johnson City Building Division. (Building – 423-434-6047 opt 2)

*last updated 10-18-2022
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