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The Building Division accepts and reviews plans for all phases of construction in Johnson City, including building, electrical, plumbing, gas/mechanical, site, and fire. This applies to all new residential and commercial development, renovations, repairs, and additions. Following review of a plan, permits are issued to licensed and bonded contractors for each phase of construction. The Building Division conducts required inspections and documents results throughout the construction process.  Once the process is complete, a Certificate of Occupancy is issued for each project when necessary.

In addition, the Codes Division is responsible for responding and resolving issues concerning dilapidated structures and nuisance abatement (overgrown property, trash, and inoperable vehicles) to help maintain and promote a safe and healthy environment for the city. The division works with the Board of Building Codes and Board of Dwelling Standards to resolve disputes.

Board of Building Codes [

The Board of Building Codes is a committee that hears and decides questions of code interpretation and recommends code changes. This board meets on the first Tuesday of each month starting at 4 p.m. on an as-needed basis. These meetings are held at the Municipal and Safety Building, 601 E. Main St.  For questions regarding this board, please contact 423-434-6057. To view a roster of current board members, click here. To apply for one of our boards or commissions, please complete this online application.