Firefighters in the Protection/Suppression division provide service to the community 24 hours a day and are assigned to nine engine companies, three truck companies and an Incident Command vehicle. The staff is responsible for providing day-to-day emergency services to city residents and guests as well as responding to all calls for emergency medical assistance, auto accidents, structure fires and major disasters within the City.

If necessary, the staff will act as an all-hazards response agency  responding to calls for assistance, regardless of the nature of the call. The staff is continuously involved in neighborhood and community events, such as reading programs, mentoring, fire safety talks, homeowners’ association meetings, demonstrations and community gatherings.

The Fire Department has a variety of hazardous materials technicians, Tennessee Emergency Managaement Agency Haz-Mat specialists, structural collapse technicians and rope-rescue technicians. In addition, we are developing additional response teams for hazardous materials, confined spaces, and Urban Search and Rescue to meet the increasing demand for specialized incident stabilization. These teams continue to sharpen and advance their skills to provide technical rescue services.

The department has a mix of paramedics, emergency medical technicians and first responders. Nine engine companies, equipped with automated external defibrillators, IV fluids, and vehicle extrication equipment respond to medical emergencies and motor vehicle accidents as required.

Hazardous Materials Incident Response (HAZ-MAT)

The Johnson City Fire Department, in conjunction with the Washington County Emergency Management Agency, provides Hazardous Material Incident Emergency Response for the citizens of Washington County and Johnson City. The WC/JC Haz-Mat response team serves citizens during emergencies involving transportation accidents, fixed facility releases and acts of terrorism involving chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive agents. The team is also available for regional response when called upon by neighboring jurisdictions.

Rope-Rescue Team

The Johnson City Fire Department established a rope-rescue team in 2003 to respond to high angle emergencies. Some examples of emergencies that require a rope-rescue team response include a car over an embankment, a window washer trapped on the side of a tall building or an injured person stuck on a cliff face. Whatever the emergency, the JCFD rope-rescue team of nearly 20 rope-rescue technicians is ready to answer the call.