Traffic Division

Traffic Division


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The Johnson City Traffic Division’s mission is to provide safe, efficient and convenient movement of vehicles and cargo on the city roadways. This division adheres to the national standards of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, which provides consistency in the types, sizes, and placement of signs, signals, and pavement markings.

The Traffic Division has three primary responsibilities:

1) Signage and Painting which includes the installation and maintenance of signs and pavement markings to ensure safe street direction and guidance for drivers and pedestrians;

2) Street Lighting of street lights along public roads for the safety of drivers and pedestrians. Street lights are installed in new subdivisions and along new roads where there are dark areas and are maintained on existing streets by contract with the Johnson City Power Board; and

3) Traffic Signals which includes the installation and maintenance of traffic signals and Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) for the safe and efficient movement of drivers and pedestrians along public streets.

To report a malfunctioning traffic signal, e-mail us

To report a traffic signal that is not working and requires immediate attention, call 911.