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The Johnson City Fire Department is developing a comprehensive community-driven strategic plan with the help of the University of Tennessee Municipal Technical Assistance Service. This plan is intended to address the future goals and objectives, while ensuring that we are addressing the community priorities as you, the residents and visitors identify, in a more proactive manner for the next five years. Also, this community-driven strategic planning process is a part of the Johnson City Fire Department’s International Accreditation effort, which ensures we are always striving for excellence through continuous improvement and will be an ongoing effort, updated at least every five years.

We are requesting your personal and individual observations and input regarding the Johnson City Fire Department in this survey. Your participation is a critical component and will ensure a successful community-driven strategic plan is developed and implemented through this process. Click here to start our survey.

johnson city fire department
The Johnson City Fire Department is a full-time career department serving more than 67,000 city residents, nearly 15,000 East Tennessee State University students, more than 400 Veterans Affairs-Mountain Home residents, and thousands of daily commuters. The department has 130 members, 108 of whom are dedicated to fire suppression, Haz-Mat, and medical first response operations. The department operates three shifts with approximately 39 firefighters working per 24-hour shift. Firefighters respond from nine fire stations, operating nine pumpers, three ladder trucks, and two district chief command vehicles.

It is the vision of the Johnson City Fire Department to provide diversified emergency services through trust, dedication, teamwork, professionalism, and pride and pursue the highest standards of safety for all who face the loss of life, property, or livelihood.

Preserve life and property while promoting safety through education and dedicated service.

Value Statement
The Johnson City Fire Department is an organization of professional servants who exemplify its purpose and core values.

  • We value honesty and integrity in all matters, leading to the highest level of professionalism.
  • We value service with the understanding that we are here to meet the needs of the public.
  • We value compassion by aspiring to relieve the suffering of those in distress.
  • We value respect for each person as an individual.
  • We value dedication, working through any challenge to meet our community’s needs.
With these values, we will continue to make a difference.