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As part of the Water and Sewer Services Department’s comprehensive maintenance program, crews will begin smoke testing sanitary sewer lines in the Knob Creek and Regional Wastewater Treatment Plant collection systems this week. Smoke testing helps the City determine points where, during rain events, extra water can enter the system.

Crews will begin on Carroll Creek Road near Timberlake Road to near Willows Trace Drive.

Testing will then continue in the areas of:

  • Lake Ridge Pointe Subdivision
  • Lake Ridge Elementary School
  • Lake Ridge Estates Subdivision
  • The Estates Subdivision
  • The Villages at Lake Ridge Subdivision
  • Willows Ridge Subdivision
  • Willows Ridge at Waters Edge Subdivision
  • Duncans Retreat Subdivision
  • Highland Church Road from Boones Creek Road to near Boones Station Road
  • Boones Creek Elementary School
  • The Ridges Subdivision
  • Garland Farm Estates Subdivision
  • Highland Parc Subdivision
  • The Gates at Highland Ridge Subdivision
  • Old Boones Creek Road from Boones Creek Road to near Thompson Road
  • Thompson Road
  • The Sanctuary Subdivision
  • Claude Simmons Road from Knob Creek Road to West Market Street
  • Mizpah Hills Subdivision
  • Simmons Ridge Subdivision
  • Sterling Springs Subdivision
  • Sawyers Pond Subdivision
  • Strawberry Field Subdivision
  • Alexander’s Grove Subdivision
  • Sellcrest Subdivision
  • Minga Drive
  • West Market Street from Claude Simmons Road to Minga Drive

 Smoke testing is expected to continue through the end of December.

During the test, City crews will send white smoke designed for this type of testing into the sanitary sewer system by blowing it into a manhole. It is then forced out through lines and cracks, openings, or plumbing vents on or near rooftops. The smoke is safe, odorless, non-toxic and non-staining

Testing can provide a service to homeowners. If home plumbing systems are correctly installed and well-vented with working water traps, smoke should not enter the home. If smoke enters your home, there are deficiencies in your plumbing system. Please call 461-1646 for more information.

CONTACT:    Jonathan Lane, P.E. engineer
                             Water and Sewer Services