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With the Independence Day celebration upon us, the Johnson City Police Department is encouraging citizens to be aware of their surroundings at special events. Though being aware of one’s surroundings is good advice any time of the year, the Fourth of July holiday is an excellent time to remind the public of this safety practice.  

“Our police department depends upon the public in helping ensure a safe and secure environment. A key component of that partnership is our citizens being the eyes and ears of the department for anything that looks suspicious or out of the ordinary,” said Police Chief Karl Turner. “This awareness is often simply stated in the slogan see something, say something.”  

In order to report suspicious activity, call 911. Citizens should obtain and relate as many details as possible, such as who or what they observed, at what time, where it occurred, and why it appears suspicious.

“This is a time of celebration, and we hope everyone enjoys all the festivities have to offer. At the same time, we all should be mindful of suspicious behavior or activity. If anything seems out of the ordinary, report it immediately,” Turner said.

This could include unattended bags, packages, carts or other items, as well as people who are hanging back from and watching a crowd. If the behavior or activity doesn’t seem right or seems out of place, report it to 911.

“Some of these things can be completely innocent, but it’s best to let law enforcement determine that,” Turner said. “It takes all of us working together to keep our community safe.”

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