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The final piece in Johnson City Public Art’s 2019-2021 Biennial Sculpture Exhibition was installed this morning at the intersection of West State of Franklin Road and University Parkway.

Entitled “Intestinal Fortitude,” the sculpture was positioned on the pedestrian walkway at the corner of the intersection closest to McDonald’s. Artist Mike Hansel constructed the 15-foot-tall piece from stainless steel. Hansel describes the work as an “arching, tubular structure which reaches in multiple directions while implying an organic quality of motion … the organic form has its origin in drawings made of saltwater coral formations.” 

A sculpture walk will take place during the Art Struck Festival on Sept. 28 for those who would like more information about the 13 new, leased pieces and the artists. Sarah Stanley, the juror of the exhibition, will lead the guided tour, which is free and open to the public. 

The Biennial Sculpture Exhibition began in 2013 and has become a defining feature of Founders Park and the downtown area. The sculptures create a strong artistic presence, encouraging residents and visitors to linger.

The Public Art Committee uses private and corporate donations to lease sculptures from regional artists for a two-year period. The leased sculptures are available for purchase, either for personal enjoyment or for donation to the City. Every two years a new round of sculptures are selected from a pool of applicants.

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The 2019-2021 leased art includes:

1. Column A, Column B, Shawn Morin

2. Cube in Motion, Hanna Jubran

3. Settle, Marc Maiorana

4. Pipe Dream, James Westermann

5. Landbuoy, Roger Halligan

6. Sustain, Charlie Brouwer

7. Flight, Bob Doster

8. Fractured Memories, Adam Rathbun

9. The Feather, Kirk Seese

10. Brave New Worlds, Charles Pilkey

11. In Free Fall, Hanna Jubran

12. Creatures of the Sky Arch II, Jim Gallucci

13. Intestinal Fortitude, Mike Hansel

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