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Sept. 22, 2023

Water and Sewer Services celebrates completion of new complex

The Johnson City Board of Commissioners joined City staff; representatives from Cain, Rash and West Architects; and GRC Construction to celebrate the completion of the Water and Sewer Services Complex located at 2250 Eddie Williams Road with a ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“With this new facility, Johnson City’s provision of services continues to enrich the quality of life in our region,” said Director Tom Witherspoon. “The staff, administration, and leadership are committed to maintaining excellence, giving the citizenry an opportunity to thrive today and beyond.”

The former 7-acre Water and Sewer Services Complex located at 901 Riverview Drive reached the end of its service life after 50 years of use. The previous facility had insufficient square footage to support future operations for the department. The new complex is host to 149 employees out of the over 180 total employees in the Water and Sewer Services Department with room to grow.

This expansion is adaptive and forward-thinking, effectively meeting the needs of current and future staff. Among the many new features, the complex offers offices for City staff, a training room, conference rooms, storage, a new warehouse, a fueling station for all the City departments, truck wash bay, and a repair garage and machine shop for maintenance.

The property on Eddie Williams Road was purchased in August 2020. The location is ideally situated near three key Water and Sewer Services treatment facilities.

In February 2020, Cain, Rash and West Architects developed a concept plan for the property located on Eddie Williams Road. GRC Construction began developing the property in the summer of 2021. The work was completed earlier this year.

“We are grateful for current and past commission support that paved the way for this significant milestone,” said Witherspoon.

Funding for this project, which cost more than $15 million, was originally included in the Water and Sanitary Sewer System Capital Delivery Plan for fiscal years 2013-2016 as well as 2019-2022.