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Willow Springs

Willow Springs Park
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Park Hours

  • November 15 – March 1: 7 am – 7 pm (Winter Hours)
  • March 2 – November 14: 7 am – 10 pm (Summer Hours)

    ******Park hours may vary for scheduled activities.

About the Park
Established in 1998, Willow Springs Park encompasses 36 acres in southwest Johnson City between Huffine and Antioch roads. It was named after a dairy that operated near the site around the turn of the century. Architectural designs for shelters and light fixtures are reminiscent of styles prevalent during Johnson City’s earliest days. Our heritage is also the inspiration for the name of the playground: Johnson’s Depot. In the mid-1850’s, Henry Johnson (Johnson City's first mayor) built a general store and post office. In 1857 when rail service was established to this area, Mr. Johnson built a depot. The growing community was first known as “Johnson’s Tank” and then “Johnson’s Depot” until its incorporation as Johnson City in 1869. Accordingly, the playground design features train and village theme play elements.


Rentals available for half day (9 a.m.-3 p.m. or 4-9 p.m.) or full day (9 a.m.-9 p.m.)
Reserve a Park & Recreation Facility

  City Resident  Non-City Resident      

Willow Springs Park Pavilion #1 ((across from Dog Park)

$25 half day
$35 full day
$35 half day
$45 full day
Willow Springs Park Pavilion #2 (by playground) $25 half day
$35 full day
$35 half day
$45 full day

Willow Springs Park Small Pavilion #3

$10 half day
$20 full day
$20 half day
$30 full day



About the Park
The Willow Springs Dog Park Project is a cooperative effort between the Friends of Johnson City Dog Park Association and the City of Johnson City Parks and Recreation Department. The 1.6 acre site is located within the park boundaries of Willow Springs Park. The area incorporates a fenced area with double-gated keyless entry system, enabling members’ only access. The area includes trees, a separate area for small dogs and puppies, and other park furnishings. Clearly posted rules require owners to supervise their dogs at all times and to remove all dog waste. The park is paid for and maintained by annual fees. All members must show proof of vaccinations at registration and renewal.