Pet Policy for Parks


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The Parks and Recreation Department welcome you and your pet to enjoy the great outdoors together. We ask that you please adhere to the following guidelines in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, and to protect park resources, wildlife and other visitors. In order to help keep our parks available to pets, responsible pet ownership is essential.

All pets must be on a leash and must not be left unattended. Pet owners must clean up after their pet. Waste disposal containers are available in most areas. 

Pet owners must obey all park signs that prohibit the entry of pets into specific areas. In addition, pets are prohibited in the following places:
-    Inside park buildings
-    Ballfields and other playing surfaces
-    Inside the sports complex at Winged Deer Park
-    Picnic area and splash pad area at Rotary Park
-    Splash pad area at Carver Recreation Center

Service dogs are allowed. 

The Willow Springs Dog Park Project is a cooperative effort between the Friends of Johnson City Dog Park Association and the City of Johnson City Parks and Recreation Department. The 1.6 acre site is located within the park boundaries of Willow Springs Park. The area incorporates a fenced area with double-gated keyless entry system, enabling members’ only access. The area includes trees, a separate area for small dogs and puppies, and other park furnishings. Clearly posted rules require owners to supervise their dogs at all times and to remove all dog waste. The park is paid for and maintained by annual fees. All members must show proof of vaccinations at registration and renewal. For more information visit

For additional information contact the City of Johnson City Parks and Recreation Department 423-283-5815.