Planning Division


A completed rezoning application and the appropriate fee must be received by the Planning Division by the 15th of the month prior to the next Planning Commission meeting (the 2nd Tuesday of each month).

The Planning Division will notify by letter all property owners within a two-hundred (200) foot radius of the requested zone change property. Fifteen (15) days prior to the Planning Commission meeting day, the applicant shall post a sign(s) to be prepared by the city on subject property. Sign(s) must be posted no more than twenty-five (25) feet from the right-of-way and must not be posted on a power pole. The sign(s) will be available for pick-up at the City Hall Planning Office on the Friday prior to the posting deadline. If the rezoning request is approved by the Planning Commission, it will then be sent in ordinance form to the City Commission for consideration on three (3) readings. If the ordinance passes all three readings, the rezoning becomes effective.

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Rezoning Request Owner Affidavit & Neighorhood Meeting Form
Rezoning Concept Plan Review Checklist
Rezoning Procedure
Zoning Ordinance
Zoning Map

Rezoning Review Fees

  • Single-family Residential Rezonings (less than 5 acres): $200
  • Single-family Residential Rezonings (greater than 5 acres) and all multi-family and nonresidential rezonings less than 20 acres: $450
  • Any nonsingle-family zoning of 20+ acres: $500 Binding concept plans are required for most multi-family and commercial rezonings. The applicant should contact the Planning Division to determine if a concept plan is required.