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Lost, Found, Seized or Towed vehicles or property

Visit the FCC site offering suggestions if a cellular phone is stolen to protect your personal information on your devices.

Found, recovered, or evidentiary property shall be managed by the Property and Facilities Supervisor. A commissioned officer will be accountable to him or her and be known as the Evidence Custodian. The Evidence Custodian shall maintain found, recovered, or evidentiary property in designed areas of the Department, which shall be under his or her control with limited access given only to those persons who are accountable.

If your vehicle/money/other property was seized:

Refer to the Notice of Seizure paperwork you received.

If the vehicle/money/other property has been seized due to narcotic drugs, driving under the influence, or driving on a license revoked due to driving under the influence, you should call the Tennessee Department of Safety [Knoxville Office]: (865) 594-6519 or visit this website for answers to frequently asked questions .

Legal Division - East Tennessee Department of Safety,
322 Nancy Lynn Lane, Suite 8
Knoxville, TN 37919

If your vehicle was towed from a private parking lot or ot
her private property, you will need to look for a posted sign with information on how to claim your vehicle, or contact the owner/operator of the property.

If your vehicle was towed by a Johnson City Police officer, (not a seizure) call police records at 423-434-6160, option 2.
Records hours are Monday ~ Friday 7am to 11pm.

To inquire concerning a vehicle or other property item, call the property/evidence custodian at 423-434-6160, option 7.
Property custodian hours are Monday ~ Friday 7:30 am 4:30 pm.