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Why does a fire truck respond when I call for a medical emergency?

Why do firefighters break out windows and cut holes in my roof during a fire?

Why do you block so many lanes at motor vehicle accidents?

Why can't I drive over the fire hoses?

Why do firefighters keep weeds and bushes away from fire hydrants?

How do you get a smoke detector from the Fire Department?

Can I burn leaves and brush on my property?

Why do firefighters shop at the local grocery stores?

Why does my water look muddy when firefighters turn fire hydrants on?

Where can I pick up a fire report if I need a copy?

What do firefighters do when not responding to calls?

How can I set up a public education event?

What should I do if a fire hydrant is leaking or has been damaged?

Do you do car seat inspections and installations?

Can I get a blood pressure check at the stations?

Is there a specific code requirement on construction projects for an electrical shutoff box?

How can I schedule the fire department for a public event?