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Chaplain's Corner

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The Fire Chaplain:

  • Serves the Fire Department and those whom they serve by providing pastoral ministry and support.
  • Advocates for the well-being of the whole firefighter: physically, mentally, relationally and spiritually.
  • Advises the Fire Department chain-of-command to promote a climate of excellence and integrity for those serving as guardians of the public trust.
  • Ensures the free exercise of religion.
  • Provides a link to the greater Johnson City faith community and acts as a command liaison to communities, organizations, and agencies.

Guided Principles:

  • Faithfulness to God and God's life-transforming message.
  • Respect for the right of others to hold individual beliefs.
  • Conversation, cooperation, and collaboration with the Johnson City community of faith.
  • Commitment to the highest standards of ethics, morality, personal integrity and professionalism in the performance of duty.

The Tennessee Federation of Fire Chaplains cooperates with the Federation of Fire Chaplains on a national level, providing automatic membership and networking with the addition of a state-wide certification and accountability system for chaplains.

The Federation offers programs that provide its members with educational opportunities in training conferences and materials. The network of mutual support offered by the TFFC helps disseminate and share information with other chaplains. Assistance is also given to fire, EMS and rescue organizations to start or improve their chaplaincy programs.