Planning and Development Services

The Johnson City Planning and Development department serves as the management of the city's growth, development, vision, values, and goals. The department is filled with dedicated employees working to better our city's urban planning, zoning regulations, and land use management.


  • Building Division: The Building Division accepts and reviews plans for all phases of construction in Johnson City, including building, electrical, plumbing, gas/mechanical, site, and fire. This applies to all new residential and commercial development, renovations, repairs, and additions. 
  • Code Enforcement: The City of Johnson City enforces City Codes and Ordinances under the direction of the Chief Building Official. Good Code Enforcement can improve the quality of our neighborhoods, protect property values and the environment, and keep Johnson City a safe and desirable community.
  • Planning & Zoning: We develop and administer standards and policies governing development in Johnson City to foster public safety, health, order and aesthetics, protect environmental quality, promote economic growth, and ensure neighborhood vitality.

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