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The focus of the GIS division is primarily to maintain and distribute authoritative geospatial data while providing mapping and analysis services to City departments. As such, the division's ability to do custom mapping projects on a retail basis in a timely manner is limited and may be altogether unavailable. There are a number of individuals, small businesses, and academic institutions in the area who do custom cartography and GIS analysis on a retail or volunteer basis. The GIS division encourage you to use the data that we provide at no cost to patronize local businesses in the area for these value-added services.

  • There is no charge for data and non-custom PDF maps delivered via self-service downloads. Access options include GIS's OpenData Portal, ArcGIS Online, or REST services.
  • Labor costs $75/hour, with a minimum 1 hour charge for any project. Includes cartography (print or digital), map production, data collection, data analysis, and any data export requests not self-served from the online options listed above.
  • Materials cost $15 per linear  foot for large format prints from the plotter or $5/page for letter or legal sizes.
  • Postage for any mailed products or media (USB, CD, Hard Drive, etc.) for any data product deliverables are charged at cost, including the cost of media if not provided by the requestor.