Security Policies

Women's purses and other bags allowed only as outlined below.

Only clear bags will be allowed into the arena  -  details and size restrictions as follows:

clear bag

Patrons who have medically necessary bags or items should call the Freedom Hall box office prior to the event to obtain more information and/or permission to bring the item.

Patron enjoyment and safety are our priority.  To ensure a safe environment for all of our guests, Freedom Hall follows the policies and procedures outlined below.  We appreciate your cooperation and help in operating a venue that is safe for everyone.

All guests entering Freedom Hall may be subject to either metal detector or hand held wand screening and bag check.  Entrance will be denied and a full refund made to any patrons refusing to submit to inspection.  Inspections are conducted by female security officers; males may request a male officer for inspection.  Freedom Hall reserves the right to eject any patron for unlawful or unruly behavior.

Freedom Hall does not permit any firearms on the premises, even if a patron possesses a concealed carry permit.  Only police officers who are on duty are allowed to carry firearms inside the venue. Off duty law enforcement will seek approval in advance and will be required to show identification that will be checked by officers on site. 

No re-entry to the building. Once you leave you will be required to buy a new ticket for reentry. Freedom Hall is a tobacco/vape free area per city ordinance which carries a $50 per violation. Leave all products in your vehicle or they will be confiscated at the door. 

Due to seating constraints - No strollers or car seat carriers are allowed in the building. All diaper bags will be searched. Please adhere to the clear bag policy for your children's things. 

The following items are prohibited and will not be allowed into the arena.  Any patron in possession of a prohibited item will be asked to return that item to their vehicle before having their tickets scanned for entrance into the building.

  •  Strollers
  •  Diaper Bags
  •  Backpacks
  •  Video and audio recording devices
  •  Laser pointers or noise makers
  •  Weapons of any kind
  •  Outside food or beverages
  •  Outside alcoholic beverages
  •  Illegal drugs or paraphernalia
  •  Fireworks
  •  Selfie sticks
  •  Laptop computers or tablets
  •  Coolers
  •  Luggage of any kind
  •  Briefcases
  •  Camera bags

Cameras with detachable lenses are not allowed.  Small snapshot cameras may or may not be allowed; will vary by event.

Any other items deemed unsafe or illegal.

Masks (At WWE events, only WWE brand masks will be permitted)

Any objects obstructing vision or interfering with the enjoyment of the event will be addressed on an individual basis.

For more detailed information on specific events, please call the Box Office at 423-461-4884.