Freedom Hall Civic Center

Welcome to the Freedom Hall Civic Center (FHCC), a key destination in Johnson City for sports, entertainment, and community events. FHCC features a versatile arena with a seating capacity of up to 8,500 spectators, making it suitable for concerts, sporting events, and large-scale gatherings. Modern amenities and a strong commitment to accessibility ensure that every guest has a comfortable and engaging experience. Events such as basketball games, wrestling matches, and performances by renowned artists are regularly hosted here, providing memorable experiences for attendees.

In addition to the main arena, the Freedom Hall Civic Center includes a variety of auxiliary facilities designed to support diverse events. Meeting rooms and banquet spaces are available for conferences, weddings, and private parties. These spaces are equipped with advanced audio-visual technology and supported by an experienced event management team to ensure the smooth execution of events.

FHCC plays an integral role in Johnson City’s cultural and recreational landscape. Beyond hosting events, FHCC actively engages with local organizations and supports initiatives that enhance the region's quality of life. Both residents and visitors are encouraged to explore the offerings at FHCC and participate in the diverse range of entertainment and community activities available.

For more information about upcoming events, booking details, and available facilities, please explore our web pages or contact us directly.