Trail Rules & Event Policies

Tweetsie Trail

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Posted Trail Rules

  • Trail Hours:  Dawn to Dusk
  • This is your trail.  Please help keep it clean.
  • Motorized vehicles prohibited.
  • No alcoholic beverages, smoking, or tobacco products.
  • Bicyclists and runners:  Please signal to walkers when you are passing.
  • Keep all pets under control and on a leash.  Clean up after your pets.
  • Horses are not allowed on trail.
  • No camping, fires or hunting.

In an emergency or for public safety matters,
call 911 and report your location by mile markers or bench numbers.

TCA: 39-14-405 / TCA: 39-14-406  NO CRIMINAL TRESPASSING

Trail Tips and Recommendations

  • Walk, bike or run with a friend.  Keep track of children at all times.
  • Be alert to and cautious about traffic at road crossings.
  • Enjoy the trail!

Tweetsie Trail Event Policy

1.    No event shall be considered or approved in conflict with the Tweetsie Trail Rules and regulations adopted by the Johnson City Board of Commissioners on the 7th of August 2014;

2.    The Tweetsie Trail will be open for use by the general public year-round and will not be considered for closure for non-City sponsored events;

3.    All event requests shall be transmitted in written form through the Johnson City Promotions and Events Office, Parks & Recreation Department at least 30 days in advance of the planned event.  Any proposed non-City event – defined as a publicly advertised activity that anticipates participation of 100 or more people – must be compatible with safe and appropriate trail use to be eligible for approval; Requests should be submitted to:

     •    Promotions and Events Office, Parks & Recreation Department, 4137 Bristol Highway, Johnson City, TN  37601
     •    Telephone:  (423) 283-5827
     •    Email: 

4.    Consistent with other public events in the City, events on the Tweetsie Trail may require sufficient liability insurance as determined by Risk Management;

5.    The City reserves the right to close the trail for maintenance and for City-sponsored events;

6.    Events will be limited to one (1) per day scheduled between the hours of 6am and 10am on the day of the event.  All road crossings must be monitored by event organizers;

7.    No Holiday weekend date will be considered;

8.    Closure of any public roads associated with the event requires prior approval by the appropriate governing body that authorized road closures in that jurisdiction.  Notice of such approvals shall be presented to the Marketing and Events Office in writing prior to final approval of the event being considered for the Tweetsie Trail;

9.    Any event which involves the use of public or private property along the Tweetsie Trail associated with the event requires written permission for such use from the property owner prior to approval of the event by the City.  Property owner approvals must be submitted in written form to the marketing and events office prior to such approval.

Recommended by:  The Tweetsie Trail Task Force 12/2/2014
Approved by: Johnson City Board of Commissioners 12/4/2014