The principal responsibility of the Johnson City Planning Department is to plan the future holistic and harmonious growth and development of the City and its planning region. In this regard, the Planning Department works with the public, city officials and other staff to make plans such as the Comprehensive Plan, Neighborhood Plans, and Transportation Plans.

 Comprehensive Plan

The Comprehensive Plan is a long range plan that contains the overall vision, goals and policies of the City in areas such as land use, transportation, housing, economic development, education, parks and recreation, and utilities. It is the master plan of the entire City and its planning region. The City adopted the current 20 years Johnson City Comprehensive Plan in 2000.

Neighborhood and District Plans

A neighborhood plan is a master plan for a particular neighborhood or district that provides specific design standards and guidelines regulating the reasonable development and use of property, including street patterns and streetscape, providing for adequate utilities, etc.

Through engagement of residents in a particular neighborhood, neighborhood plans often lead to changes in zoning regulations and allocation of municipal resources to address the specific needs and character of a neighborhood as desired by its residents and compatible with the overall Comprehensive Plan of the City. Current Neighborhood Plans include:

 Other Planning Studies

Contact the Planning Department at or call (423) 434 6071 on issues related to the planning of your neighborhood or a specific corridor in the City.