Guidelines & Policies

Planning Division

Annexation involves incorporating a property into the Johnson City municipal limits. Considering that state law requirements affect the eligibility of a property for annexation, property owners are advised to contact Planning Staff and discuss their annexation intent before submission a request.
Click here to create an account and request the annexation of your property into the Johnson City corporate limits. 

As part of your application, upload a metes and bounds description of the property or a surveyor’s plat shown the specific property proposed for annexation. The request should include your name, mailing address, the tax map and parcel number (found on tax card), requested zoning, and reason for the request. There are no fees for annexation.
A request for annexation of a developed residential or commercial area should be accompanied by a petition signed by those property owners who favor the annexation of their properties.
Annexation Procedure
The Planning Division will conduct a feasibility study of each annexation prior to Planning Commission consideration. All annexations are required to be reviewed by the Planning Commission and by the City Commission as an ordinance. At the time of annexation, the property will be zoned in accordance with City zoning regulations.