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The Document Center provides easy access to public documents. Click on one of the categories below to see related documents or use the search function.

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Regulations, Requests and Policies7 documents

  • Annexation Request
    document Header Annexation Request
  • Deannexation Policy
    document Header Deannexation Policy
  • Floodplain Regulations
    document Header Floodplain Regulations
  • Planning Commission Regulations
    document Header Planning Commission Regulations
  • Public Works Construction Guidelines
    document Header Public Works Construction Guidelines
  • Zoning Code, Art 8-Floodplain Regulations
    document Header Zoning Code, Art 8-Floodplain Regulations
  • Zoning Verification Request Form
    document Header Zoning Verification Request Form

PlansNo documents

Historic Guidelines & Checklists, Fees & Application8 documents

  • Certificate of Appropriateness
    document Header Certificate of Appropriateness
  • Cox-Adams
    document Header Cox-Adams
  • Downtown Design Guidelines
    document Header Downtown Design Guidelines
  • Downtown Historic District
    document Header Downtown Historic District
  • Kitzmiller-Blowers
    document Header Kitzmiller-Blowers
  • Reeves Chinouth
    document Header Reeves Chinouth
  • Tree Streets
    document Header Tree Streets

Plats & Subdivisions / Checklists5 documents

  • Final Subdivision Checklist
    document Header Final Subdivision Checklist
  • Minor Subdivision Review Process
    document Header Minor Subdivision Review Process
  • Preliminary Subdivision Checklist
    document Header Preliminary Subdivision Checklist
  • Subdivision Approval Process
    document Header Subdivision Approval Process
  • Subdivision Regulations
    document Header Subdivision Regulations

Public Record Requests1 document

  • Public Records Request
    document Header Public Records Request