Map Information Service


Floodplain maps provide the basis for floodplain management, regulation, open space preservation, preparation and mitigation of flood hazards, and insurance requirements by identifying flood-prone areas that may threaten life and property. The FEMA reviews and periodically revises and amends floodplain maps for flood insurance purposes. 
The City of Johnson City provides mapping services that can assist property owners, developers, real estate agents and the general public determine whether their properties are in the floodplain, the floodzones of different properties, etc. The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Division can provide printed copies of maps when requested.

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

The FEMA Flood Map Service Center provides information on whether a piece of property is in the floodplain, its flood zone designation, floodways, etc for the entire USA. Information on any Map Revisions and Amendments applicable to the property is also available.

fema flood map

Land Development Data Viewer

This composite map provides information of FEMA Flood Way and FEMA Flood Zones in Johnson City, location of utilities such as fire hydrants, water lines, sewer gravity mains, two foot contours, 2018 USA Tapestry Segmentation (demographics), Zoning and Overlays and current land use in Johnson City. It is intended to assist developers as they consider developments in or around areas that may have floodplains

land deve

Erosion Prevention and Sediment Control Map Services   
This map provides awareness to citizens of locations that there is potential for erosion and sediment for permitted developments or activities, and/or have potential to affect floodplains if stormwater is not appropriately managed on site. 


Floodplain Map Changes

If you property is inadvertently included in the floodplain,    you can submit a Letter of Map Amendment (LOMA) to FEMA for the review of the floodplain designation of your    property. Where property owners have taken actions   such   as filling a site or removing structures from a site that they   believe should alter the floodplain boundaries or change   the flood zone designation of their property, they can   submit a Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) to FEMA.