Flood Protection



Johnson City provides one-on-one help to our citizens, property owners and developers who are interested in protecting their properties from flooding. There are different best practice flood protection measures suitable for different flood hazards, building types, and building conditions. Contact the Engineering Division if you have any questions. Division staff can tell you about the causes of repetitive flooding and what the City is doing about it in your area. City staff can visit your property to discuss flood protection alternatives.


To Protect Property from Flood Damage

  • Elevate the building above the flood level. Johnson City Floodplain Ordinance requires a minimum of 1ft above the base flood elevation (BFE) for property in a floodplain. Where the BFE has not been determined the lowest floor of the building shall be at least 5.5ft above the normal flow elevation of the adjacent stream channel or at least 3ft above the highest adjacent grade, whichever is greater.
  • Elevate the damage-prone components, such as the furnace or air conditioning unit.
  • Demolish the building or relocate it outside of the special flood hazard area
  • Dry floodproof the building so that water cannot get into it
  • Wet floodproof part of the building to prevent water from causing damage
  • Turning off power to the basement can reduce property damage and save lives.
  • Construct a berm or redirect drainage away from the Building. In Johnson City, single and double family residential development site plans are required to include the current and proposed directions of flow of stormwater on the plans.  The City provides design examples to assist property owners to direct floodwater away from their buildings.
  • Maintain nearby streams, ditches, and storm drains so debris does not obstruct them. Call the Johnson City Stormwater Management Division at (423) 975-2700 if a storm drain, ditch or creek is blocked.
Contact the Water and Sewer Department if you have sewer backup issues that they may assist you:

Monday-Friday, 6:30 a.m.-5 p.m., call 423-461-1645

After business hours, weekends, or holidays, call 423-461-1643


Floodplain Map Viewer

If your property is in the floodplain, you will need to implement flood protection measures to protect it from flood damage. Use the Floodplain Map Viewer to determine if your property is located in a floodplain.