Planning Division

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We develop and administer standards and policies governing development in Johnson City to foster public safety, health, order and aesthetics, protect environmental quality, promote economic growth, and ensure neighborhood vitality.

Our goal is to provide a project review framework that is consistent and predictable and that creates quality development compatible with the vision, goals, and policies of our Comprehensive Plan and other City approved plans. The extent of the review process depends on the type of development under consideration and its scale. This process is an important evaluation process for compliance with all land development regulations including zoning, drainage, traffic, environmental standards, infrastructure requirements and consistency with the city’s Comprehensive Plan, neighborhood plans, district plans, etc.

The City maintains a development review team that consist of staff from the Planning Division, Building Division, Engineering Division, Streets and Landscaping Division, Solid Waste Division, Fire Department, Water and Sewer Department, and other public or private agencies as may be necessary. 

Resources and Documents

 Please, contact planning staff for a predevelopment meeting and before submitting a planning review application.