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Development Services


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The Development Services department is organized into three divisions: Planning, Building/Codes, Code Enforcement.  

The overall mission of this department is “The Johnson City Development Services department is committed to a comprehensive approach to guide and shape quality development in our region.” The department's guiding principles in achieving this mission are as follows: 1) Responsiveness and Exceptional Service; 2) Fairness and Impartiality; and 3) Integrity and Professionalism.

The department's goals are to improve communication processes; achieve consistency in operations; understand and document the roles and responsibilities of each position in this new department and communicate this as necessary to employees, other departments, and customers; build positive customer-employee relationships to improve their public image; and identify the needs and expectations other departments have of Development Services.

Development Services will prepare a newsletter on a quarterly basis to keep customers informed of any upcoming events and newly passed laws and to ask for input. The current newsletter can be found here.

To join the mailing list, please send an email request to


The Development Services department is proud to announce the new Codes Enforcement Complaint Line: 423-434-5775. This line enables residents and other community members to report complaints pertaining to Johnson City properties that appear to be in violation of Johnson City Code.