JCFD celebrates two Certified Municipal Finance Officers

Feb. 23, 2024

JCFD celebrates two Certified Municipal Finance Officers

The Johnson City Fire Department is excited to announce that Assistant Chief Jason Powell and Administrative Services Manager Judy McNeil recently achieved Certified Municipal Finance Officer (CMFO) status.

The certification consists of 11 courses with an exam at the end of each course. During the program, Powell and McNeil gained important insight into the complexities of municipal finance.

Most people associate the JCFD with firefighters protecting life and property but there’s a business side, too. Powell and McNeil are applying their new certification to help the JCFD remain fiscally responsible, plan for contingencies and comply with legislative requirements that protect taxpayers’ money.

“In order to provide service to our citizens and visitors in the most efficient, cost effective and safe manner, we have to continually improve the business side of the JCFD. What we learned while participating in the CMFO program will allow us to manage the finances of the Fire Department in a compliant and transparent manner,” said JCFD Assistant Chief Jason Powell.

Powell and McNeil are the only non-finance employees of the City with the certification. The CMFO program is administered by the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury’s Division of Local Government Audit.