City prepared for snow operations

Jan. 15, 2024

City prepared for snow operations

With snow accumulations predicted today and tomorrow, Johnson City Public Works crews are prepared to tackle clearing snow and ice from the streets.

Prior to the start of this winter storm, crews began placing a layer of brine, a solution of salt and water which has a lower freeze point than pure water, on the roadways to reduce snow adhesion and ice buildup. Once temperatures drop to 30 degrees, brine becomes ineffective and City crews switch to magnesium chloride for road treatment.

“All is going well with the road clearing efforts,” said Public Works Director Jason Miles. “We have been monitoring road conditions throughout the morning and are prepared to clear streets as the snow accumulations mount.”

Currently, crews are operating two to three trucks in each of the nine assigned zones to plow city streets. There are two 12-hour shifts working through the day and night to remove snow. The first shift began at 6 a.m. today (Jan. 15) and the second will begin at 6 p.m. This schedule will remain in place until the weather event concludes.

Snow removal for street routes is prioritized based on traffic and road design. In addition, tandem routes, which are deemed major roadways (e.g., State of Franklin Road), receive additional attention with multiple trucks assigned for snow removal. Streets are designated a one (main streets and subdivisions) or two (subdivision side streets) in priority.

City crews ask that motorists avoid driving during this winter storm. Clearing the roads is a priority for Public Works and is made easier without traffic congestion.

Snow removal on city sidewalks is the responsibility of the property owner. Only City-owned properties will have sidewalks cleared by city crews.