JCPD announces ‘A Safer 26 in ’24’ campaign

Jan. 26, 2024

JCPD announces ‘A Safer 26 in ’24’ campaign

Today, Johnson City Police Chief Billy Church revealed a multi-jurisdictional effort to promote traffic safety on Interstate 26. The Johnson City Police Department, Tennessee Highway Patrol and multiple local law enforcement agencies are teaming up for “A Safer 26 in ’24.”

“Our goals during this campaign are to educate the public about traffic laws, encourage drivers to change dangerous driving habits, and reduce crashes on I-26,” said Church. “This is not a campaign to write citations; it is a campaign to help ensure the well-being of our citizens and to save lives.”

According to the Johnson City Public Works Traffic Division, 779 crashes have been reported on the city’s stretch of I-26 since 2022. Nine people died. “A Safer 26 in ‘24” will address some of the major causes of these wrecks which include following too closely, speed, distracted driving and impaired driving.

“A Safer 26 in ‘24” is now underway, and the campaign will be ongoing.

“We will not put an end date on public safety,” Church said. “Johnson City motorists have requested a safer I-26, and that is what we are working to provide. And through this partnership with state and local agencies, we carry that across Northeast Tennessee.”

Law enforcement teams will be highly visible on I-26 throughout our region, but to create “A Safer 26 in ’24” they need assistance from drivers.

“We are asking the motoring public to assist in this effort by monitoring your speed, taking your time, being patient, sharing the roads, and being respectful of other motorists,” said Tennessee Highway Patrol Sgt. Matt Blankenship.

Click here to watch the news conference in its entirety.