New City of Johnson City website goes live

July 1, 2024

New City of Johnson City website goes live

The City of Johnson City is pleased to announce that its new, more user-friendly website is now live. A fresh design, enhanced content and concise organization make more intuitive than previous versions.

"In an effort to enhance communication with our citizens, the Communications and Marketing Department has launched a new and improved website. This platform is designed to offer information in a straightforward, logical, and user-friendly manner," stated Public Affairs Director Keisha Shoun. "Our goal is for all visitors to easily find the information they need within just a few clicks."

The previous website, built in 2019, featured functionalities that were suitable for that period and aligned with how users interacted with technology then. However, times have changed, and now, over 90 percent of the population uses mobile devices for conducting business. For mobile users, improved functionality was key to the redesign. Beyond its new desktop and mobile design, features include: Improved accessibility tools, Citizen Request Form, and About JC tab.

"Our world relies heavily on technology, and we recognized the need for a complete redesign to make the site a central element of our communications strategy," said Digital Communications Manager JT McSpadden. "We listened to our citizens' requests for a more user-friendly website, and we responded with an easier-to-navigate platform."

Please be aware that search results might temporarily show information from the old website. This will continue until Google indexes all the new webpages, which typically takes a week or more. We also recommend that visitors clear their browser history to ensure they see the most up-to-date version of the site.

McSpadden and Ally Burgner, communications specialist, spearheaded the project through multiple rounds of revisions and oversaw all aspects of relaunch. They will continue to develop the site moving forward. To submit comments, feedback and ideas, email