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Feb. 12, 2021

Masters Knob Water Tank placed back in service following repair work

The Masters Knob Water Tank was placed back into service this week following the completion of repair work and a total recoating of the tank.

In order to commence work in September 2020, the 2-million-gallon steel ground storage tank had to be completely drained. To maintain service to the central portion of the City’s water system, the City used increased capacity from the recently upgraded Tannery Knob Tank and changed pumping scenarios at the Watauga Water Treatment Plant.

In addition to structural repairs, the tank was completely cleaned and both interior and exterior repainted. Total project cost was just under $800,000, funded locally from the Water and Sewer Services Capital Program.

“Water storage tanks are an important part of our infrastructure because they allow us to meet daily and seasonal demands as well as to be prepared for emergency events like fires and widespread power outages,” Water and Sewer Services Director Tom Witherspoon said. “They’re exceptionally large structures but they require maintenance just like other equipment. The treatment plant operators and operations staff did a great job monitoring the entire water system and adapting as necessary to maintain service throughout this project.”

The Masters Knob Water Tank is located off Master Knob Court near the intersection of East Lakeview Drive and East Oakland Avenue. It was originally constructed in 1968 and previously repainted in 1999.