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The Johnson City Fire Department is proud to announce the Nov. 4 graduation of four new firefighter recruits from the Northeast Tennessee Fire Chiefs Association Firefighter Minimum Standards Training Academy.

Rickey D. Carter, Isaac Gragg, Katherine Latham and Kaylon Shepherd completed more than 400 hours of comprehensive fire-rescue training in various areas, including search and rescue, firefighting, emergency medical and hazardous materials response. This training included intensive classroom instruction coupled with high-stress practical skill assessments. The fire recruit candidates completed 20 class exams and skills check-offs, culminating in their successful state certification tests.

“With the graduation of these candidates the Johnson City Fire Department has achieved full staffing of all budgeted positions,” said Johnson City Fire Department Chief James Stables. “I commend these recruits for their dedication, hard work and willingness to represent the Johnson City Fire Department with dignity, honor and pride.”

While the training that candidates completed at the academy was comprehensive, it marks the beginning of their education and training in the fire department areas of responsibility. These candidates will continue their orientation within the department with the intention of becoming permanent firefighters at the end of successful probationary periods.

The recruits will continue to receive training and education for the rest of their careers. All Johnson City firefighters are required to complete a minimum of 240 hours of in-service job-related training annually to ensure continued competency.