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Johnson City’s water system again has earned a Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) sanitary survey score of 99. Water systems must earn a 95 or higher to be considered approved. Johnson City’s previous score of 99 came in 2017.

 This process occurs approximately every 18-24 months and involves a multi-day onsite inspection by TDEC personnel. Areas of focus and grading include: system management and operation; operator compliance; sources of water; treatment of water; monitoring and data verification; finished water storage; and distribution and cross-connection control.

 Since the last survey, the City has reinvested in water line replacements throughout the service area and other major projects including:

  • Tannery Knob reservoir replacement - $4 million
  • Austin Springs  area water transmission line - $1.75 million
  • Bunker Hill reservoir replacement - $400,000
  • Ford Creek area water service expansion - $700,000

 “The City Commission’s committed investment is critical to keeping the system operating and allowing us to deliver services without interruption,” said Tom Witherspoon, director of Water and Sewer Services.

Johnson City operates a water system in portions of four counties through a 966-mile pipe network from two water sources. The system, which includes two treatment plants and 106 water facilities, has received consecutive approvals for more than 40 years.

 “Safe, clean drinking water is a priority. There are far more pieces and parts to operating a water system than most people realize,” Witherspoon said. “Our staff does a tremendous job ensuring that every detail of our system is in compliance with regulatory standards, and we are pleased to have the hard work of our employees recognized by TDEC.”


CONTACT:    Tom Witherspoon, director
                             Water and Sewer Services