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Cartegraph, a leader in high-performance government software and services, has awarded the City of Johnson City its 2018-2019 High-Performance Government Award. The prestigious honor recognizes local government organizations that leverage modern operations management technology to solve problems, work smarter and improve their communities.

The City of Johnson City was among 10 municipalities to earn the national award based on their accomplishments using Cartegraph software in several core areas, including infrastructure management and improvement, operational efficiency, citizen engagement and data-driven decision-making.

“In our first year with this product, City employees have embraced this technology to rethink the way we operate, allowing us to better serve our citizens,” said Lisa Sagona, director of Information Technology for the City of Johnson City. “Having Cartegraph acknowledge these efforts is immensely satisfying.”

In its adoption of Cartegraph, the City integrated unrelated applications into a single solution to manage the workflow of multiple departments. The departments of Public Works and Water and Sewer Services have 240 employees using Cartegraph. These users complete an average of 1,000 tasks each week. Two other departments, Facilities Management and Parks and Recreation, are expected to begin using the software this year.

“The credit really goes to the employees on the frontline,” said Link Elmore, geospatial manager in the Information Technology department. “Individually and collectively our employees had to make modifications to the way we do business. To have Cartegraph recognize their success in doing so confirms that the City is moving in the right direction.”

This software allows the City of Johnson City to build an asset inventory and track related work history. As more data is generated employees will be able to make data driven decisions to deploy maintenance resources more efficiently.


CONTACT:    Link Elmore, geospatial manager
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