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Nov. 1, 2023

City to hold informational event to introduce various volunteer options

The City of Johnson City will host an informational event to introduce prospective volunteers to a variety of boards and committees. SERVE. ALL. OUT. will take place from 4-7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 13 at Langston Centre, 315 Elm St.

SERVE. ALL. OUT. will give board representatives the opportunity to explain the roles and responsibilities of their respective boards. At the close of the event, participants will have gained some knowledge about many of the volunteer boards that serve the City.

“The City has numerous opportunities for community members to participate, and we want those interested to find the best fit for their expertise, interest and ability,” said Special Events Manager Lindsey Jones.

The Johnson City Board of Commissioners is accepting applications for appointments to the following volunteer boards and committees. All appointments are scheduled to be made in January 2024.

  • Board of Building Codes: Hears and decides appeals and variances to the Johnson City Building Code, questions of code interpretation, oversees examinations of contractors to perform work in the community, and recommends code changes.
    • Two appointments licensed in the following areas of expertise: commercial building and architecture; each for a three-year term. City residency required.

  • Board of Dwelling Standards and Review: Determines action regarding substandard housing and/or commercial structures within the city limits.
    • Three appointments, each for a three-year term. City residency required.

  • Civil Service Commission: Addresses Police and Fire employees’ civil service matters and certifies entry level and promotional rosters.
    • Two appointments for a two-year term. One position must be nominated by and represent the Police Department. The second position must be nominated by and represent the Fire Department. City residency required.
  • Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) Board of Directors: The CVB is to showcase the uniqueness of and develop increased civic interest in Johnson City as an attraction to tourists, visitors and individuals; to solicit special events to take place in Johnson City; to promote the distinctive resources of Johnson City; and to increase the economic contribution of tourism in order to grow Johnson City and relieve the burdens of government.
    • One appointment, for an 18-month term. Applicants for this position must be directly associated with tourism, hospitality, entertainment, retail, finance, or special events. City residency or employment within the municipal limits required.
  • Golf Advisory Board: Recommends policies, procedures, rules, and regulations in operation of golf courses.
    • Five appointments, one with a two-year term and four with a three-year term. City residency required.

  • Historic Zoning Commission: Considers conservation zoning to ensure preservation of historical structures.
    • One appointment for a five-year term. City residency required.

  • Johnson City Housing Authority: Establishes policy and procedures governing the operation of the Housing Authority.
    • One appointment for a five-year term. City residency required.
  • Johnson City Senior Services Advisory Council: Makes recommendations on matters affecting planning, support, and programming for the Senior Center.
    • Four appointments, one for a one-year term and three for a three-year term. City residency required.

  • Parks and Recreation Advisory Board: Makes recommendations regarding recreation services and facilities.
    • One appointment for an 18-month term. City residency required.

  • The Senior Foundation Inc. - Johnson City Board: Responsible for supporting and participating in special events and assisting in fundraising efforts to benefit Senior Center operations, services, and/or capital improvements.
    • Six appointments, each for a three-year term. Washington, Sullivan, Unicoi, or Carter County residency required.

  • Washington County Board of Equalization: Responsible for reviewing tax assessment roll, hears complaints and appeals of taxpayers within their jurisdiction.
    • Two appointments, each for a two-year term (to begin in April 2024). City and Washington County residency required.

Any citizen interested in serving may submit an application online at The deadline for applications is Thursday, Nov. 30. Applications are kept on file for one year. Descriptions of each board and committee may be found online at

Boards with open appointments are listed above. In order to give participants a comprehensive understanding of volunteer options, most boards, even those without openings, will be represented at SERVE. ALL. OUT.

Registration is not required to participate. Please call 423-434-6019 for more information.