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Nov. 14, 2022

Annual fall leaf collection under way

The City of Johnson City’s annual fall leaf collection period is under way and will remain in effect until all leaves are collected. Several trucks will be used throughout the City, and a minimum of two pickups should occur within each neighborhood during the leaf collection period.

“The leaves have fallen much earlier and faster than usual this year,” said Director of Public Works Phil Pindzola. “Our crews are working diligently to complete the leaf collection process. We’re fielding a lot of phone calls from residents want to know when their leaves will be picked up.”

A new map available on the City’s website provides information about the leaf collection process. Residents can search by neighborhood to determine if an initial collection is pending or a recent collection has been completed.

Residents are asked not to bag leaves and to have leaves piled behind the curb (not in front of the curb or on the street). Leaves will not be collected in alleys. All leaf piles should be free of trash, debris and limbs or they will not be collected.

Individuals can request the delivery of full container loads of leaves within the city limits. Containers carry approximately 18 cubic yards or three tons of leaves. 

As a reminder, brush collection takes place year-round but may be altered due to leaf collection. The City defines brush as: tree trimmings, shrubbery (with no roots), limbs, etc., generated by routine maintenance of a property by the homeowner. Here are some collection guidelines to help homeowners as they clear brush and prepare for fall yard work:

  • Brush piles must not exceed 10-foot lengths, must be piled straight and placed behind or on the curb for collection. Do not place brush on center medians or islands.
  • Do not place brush next to objects such as fences, guy wires, and poles or under trees. Equipment is restricted in those areas.
  • Brush may not be mixed with other debris. Brush mixed with leaves, grass, lumber, dirt, rock, concrete, building materials or other debris will not be collected until properly separated.

Anyone hired to trim or remove trees, shrubs, etc., is required to remove the resulting brush from the property. Failure to do so may result in a court citation.