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Aug. 26, 2022

City files response to lawsuit

On Thursday, Aug. 25, the City of Johnson City filed a response in U.S. District Court in Greeneville to pending litigation initiated by Kateri Dahl. Dahl was never an employee of the City but was under contract from September 2019 through July 2021 as a special prosecutor to identify and prosecute federal criminal cases. 

The City maintains that non-renewal of Dahl’s contract was justified and based on failure to perform her contractual obligations.

Regarding claims about the Johnson City Police Department’s willingness to apprehend “Robert Voe,” it is important to note that the department requested an indictment on Voe in 2020, which was not obtained until five months later.

Additionally, on Tuesday, Aug. 24, the City requested that the district attorney’s office secure the undisclosed information Dahl claims to have regarding corruption and determine if it is valid.

The City is defending this lawsuit with confidence that it will result in repairing unjustified damage to the City, Police Chief Karl Turner, and the Police Department.