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Aug. 4, 2022


City retains law firm to conduct special investigation

The City of Johnson City has entered into a contract with Connecticut-based Daigle Law Group to conduct an independent investigation of the Johnson City Police Department’s handling of sexual assault cases. Daigle Law Group is a leading law firm specializing in management consulting services in support and development of effective and constitutional policing practices.

Led by Attorney Eric Daigle, the investigation will consist of three initial phases to determine if acts, policies, and practices of the Johnson City Police Department and/or its officers are consistent with acceptable practice in law enforcement. The first phase, which is currently under way, consists of reviewing sexual assault incident reports dating back to January 2018. Daigle will have access to all sexual assault reports from the past 4 and half years to determine how they were handled as compared to national standards set by the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) as well as the District Attorney’s Office and the JCPD’s general orders. Daigle will interview Police personnel, victims and others as needed before developing a complete report of findings. The process is subject to modification as the investigation unfolds.

“I’m pleased that we were able to secure the services of a national expert on these matters, and we are committed to trusting their methods, process and recommendations,” said City Manager Cathy Ball.

Daigle anticipates that the investigation will take five to six months to complete. The City will provide updates at the conclusion of each phase of the investigation.