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December 20, 2021

New traffic control box wraps installed in eight locations

New traffic control box wraps were installed at the following intersections: South Roan and Maple streets, North Roan Street and Liberty Bell Boulevard, Buffalo and South Roan streets, University Parkway and Lamont Street, John Exum Parkway and Delaware Street, West Market Street and Pactolas Road, University Parkway and West State of Franklin Road, and North Roan and King streets.

Following a request for proposals, a selection committee reviewed submitted designs and chose eight bold, bright artworks for installation at the selected locations. Two of these locations include a smaller traffic control box positioned next to a larger box, and two of the selected artists designed artwork for both boxes at these intersections.

The designs were printed on durable vinyl wraps that remain in good condition for up to 10 years or more. This installation will add to Johnson City Public Art’s set of seven existing traffic control box wraps. These artistic wraps add a creative touch to the streetscape and brighten each intersection with a pop of color. Planning for additional traffic control box wraps is under way with new phases of the program scheduled for the coming year. This project is coordinated by the Johnson City Public Art Committee.

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