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Letter from the city commission

As Johnson City’s elected officials, it is our mission to enhance the quality of life of our citizens and to ensure we create an environment where we can all grow and thrive. The commission strives each day to guarantee that our city is run in the most efficient way possible while fulfilling the mandate you have given us to serve the community. 

While we continue to meet challenges, Johnson City cannot lose sight of our future. Our city and citizens are resilient, and we continue to see innovation occur. We are an economic, health care and educational hub of our region, making us a central engine to the Appalachian Highlands. Our natural beauty and outdoor attractions not only benefit our citizens but bring visitors from all over the world. 

With these advantages and because of our community, Johnson City is a place where individuals, families and businesses can grow and thrive. We must take advantage and capitalize on all of these assets to ensure we remain a destination for investment, tourism and population growth. As a result, and with input from citizens, businesses and strategic partners, we have created a roadmap for the future. We believe our city is poised for new growth and that we must lay the groundwork now for our children and grandchildren to enjoy this great city that we call home far into the future. 

We are pleased to present to you this strategic plan, which we believe will pave the way for our city’s future development and growth in the region.