Special Events

Community events and gatherings are a vital ingredient for creating the rich and vibrant culture we share. Public events foster social interaction amongst various groups of people who may not otherwise meet. These shared experiences develop a sense of pride, attachment, and love among people for their community, extending into their everyday lives. Each year Johnson City plays host to multiple events, and we recognize the positive impact those events have on our community.

We have put into place rules and guidelines to ensure safe event operations. While event planners have much to consider, they are not alone in the process. Being situated alongside the Appalachian Mountains, we learn to look up and aim high. No matter how challenging they are, we take the steps we must to reach our goals. We push boundaries. We forge new trails. We “GO. ALL. OUT.” It’s what we do in Johnson City, and our team is standing by to “GO. ALL. OUT.” for you as you embark on this adventure.  

Once a special event permit application is submitted, our special events coordinator will contact you to share the next steps to take and to guide you through the permitting process. If we can be of assistance at any point along the way, we encourage you to call, text or email. 

Please note that the links below will guide you through the special event process for downtown spaces including Founders Park and King Commons, as well as road closure requests for festivals, parades, and road races. Special Event Applications are required to be submitted a minimum of 90 days prior to the date of the event. It is important to note that all event organizers must obtain and submit a $1,000,000 Special Event Insurance Policy with the City of Johnson City listed as additional insured. Reservations are not guaranteed or approved until the Special Events Manager has reviewed and/or approved the application fully and payment has been received. 

To request use of one of our Parks and Recreation parks or facilities, please contact the Community Engagement Manager for Parks and Recreation, at 423-283-5827.

Special Event Permit Application

Temporary Occasion License (Beer/Wine)

Transient Business License Application

Food Truck Guide

Approved Road Race Course Maps